Livia's abusive husband, Eddie, is always cheating on her but things get worse when he unknowingly hooks up with a vampire. Already violent, Eddie soon grows more unstable until a confrontation with the police leaves him shot and buried. Livia's relief is short-lived however when she discovers that even Eddie’s death can't free her. 


"...Vivid characters, a fast moving plot and some sneaky humor made for a fun read. I really hope this gets made into a movie." ****  ––  GoodReads.

"Right from the beginning, the horror of Livia's story captivated me. i couldn't put the book down. An amazing twist to an old story."  ***** –– Amazon Verified.

"A creative story that mixes the erotic and horrific. Loved its originality. Captivating!" **** –– Amazon Verified.

Possible TV series? I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, and upon completion, desiring to read a sequel to it. The Vampire's Widow would appeal to the casual or avid reader. ***** –– Amazon Verified.

An awesome story consisting of twists , sex, and KARMA! A truly fun tale - I COULD NOT put the book down! ***** –– Amazon.

Not a genre I would normally read, but this is not your typical vampire book. It is fast moving and totally entertaining. I hope there is a sequel. *****  –– Amazon Verified.


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