A battered woman thinks her problems are solved when she learns that her abusive husband has been killed, but to her horror he rises as a Vampire and threatens her life and the lives of everyone in her town. 

Livia's abusive husband, Eddie, is always cheating on her but things get worse when he unknowingly hooks up with a vampire. When FBI Agent Cruz arrives in town, hot on the vampire’s trail, she quickly skips town, leaving a clueless and infected Eddie to fend for himself. Already violent, Eddie soon grows more unstable until a confrontation with the police leaves him shot and buried. Livia's relief is short-lived however when she discovers that even Eddie’s death can't free her. Is Eddie back, or is Livia going crazy?


"...Vivid characters, a fast moving plot and some sneaky humor made for a fun read. I really hope this gets made into a movie." ****  ––  GoodReads.

"Right from the beginning, the horror of Livia's story captivated me. i couldn't put the book down. An amazing twist to an old story."  ***** –– Amazon Verified.

"A creative story that mixes the erotic and horrific. Loved its originality. Captivating!" **** –– Amazon Verified.

Possible TV series? I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, and upon completion, desiring to read a sequel to it. The Vampire's Widow would appeal to the casual or avid reader. ***** –– Amazon Verified.

An awesome story consisting of twists , sex, and KARMA! A truly fun tale - I COULD NOT put the book down! ***** –– Amazon.


US $9.99

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